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Welcome To Our MLGS Team

Congrats for joining a winning My LeadGen Secret (mlgs) team.

Day 1 tasks:

Step 1: Send me a message saying you joined MLGS under me by Clicking Here and then friend request me.

Step 2: Click Here to join our team facebook group.

Step 3: Send your first email. Watch this video of my sponsor by Clicking Here.

Make sure to check out the units tabs in our facebook group.

The key to making money with this system is sending emails.
You must send emails to ALL leads EVERY  day.

To get paid you need either Paypal, bitcoin or have them mail you a check.

When promoting mlgs here are some different pages you can promote.

Check out Reed Florens funnel where he will send out emails for you.
See the bottom section and replace xxxx in the url with your affiliate number, and
replace yyyy with a tracking reference or just leave it blank.
Click Here

You can use the affiliate link in mlgs on the home tab of affiliates, promo tools tab.
Your affiliate number is the number at the end after ?rid=

There are 2 pages with great results which you can use also.
30 Day Results

60 Day Results

Make sure to replace the xxxx and yyyy as well.

The best way is to use all pages.

Here is a great pdf you can automatically brand to your name and MLGS affiliate link and then give out.
Click Here

Here is a page with team mates result you can use. We will keep it updated.
Results Page
Make sure to replace the xxxx and yyyy with your info as above.

Here is a splash page you can use when promoting on traffic exchanges or safe lists when you need something short to capture their attention quickly.

replace 7125 with your affiliate id, replace yyy with a tracking code and replace page with
leave blank it will go to regular mlgs page
30 will go to Steve’s 30 day results page
60 will go to Steve’s 60 day results page
reed will go to Reed’s optin page
100k will go to the 100K leads page 

There is a $100 bonus from mlgs for getting 5 direct referrals in a week starting on Monday at 12:00 am pst and ending Sunday 11:59 pm pst.
See the affiliates, promo tools page for more details.
So if it’s close to the end of the week and you don’t think you can get 5 referrals by Sunday 11:59 pm pst, then its probably best to wait till Monday to start promoting.

The payment plan for this is amazing. Its a 5 level matrix. The payouts are monthly recurring except bonuses and the swipe sales which are one time.
$5 may not seem like much but it adds up quickly.
Can’t wait to explode this thing.







If you want a copy of the excel spreadsheet, Click Here.

Just change the numbers in column B to your numbers.

When promoting, use our fb group, lead swaps and self hosted setup as bonuses for joining you.

Here is a video showing how to get buyers in your facebook friends.

Here are some email tricks: Forbidden Email Marketing Secrets

Buy SOLO Ads


To participate in the weekly Friday lead swap go here and send in your mlgs leads on Friday.
It’s fine if you just joined on a Friday to send in your 100 leads.

If you want to have your self hosted autoresponder click HERE to get all the infos. 

Here are my sponsors bonuses:

1107 Top Subject Lines

101 Top Swipes

Use these as guides. It’s best not to just copy them verbatim.

100 Places To Advertise For Free Click Here

101 Ways To Get Traffic Click Here

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